About Us


Grown out of custom built virtual learning environments on different platforms like Secondlife, Opensim or Activeworlds, viwole launched in 2018 with the aim to simplify access to virtual learning for all students, everywhere.


We believe in a safe learning environment, one that enables students to experience science, history, languages, and other facets, no matter where they are.


You never stop learning!
Each day there should be something new to experience and learn.


Experience learning - learning experience.


You want to have a closer look?

To enter viwole you can either use the web client or download a viewer for your operating system

The windows viewer supports all SteamVR™ based VR headsets!


Download beta 7b5 client for Windows™ 7 and upwards based computers.


Download beta 7b18 client for Apple™ Computers

Web client

Jump right in without downloading anything

More to come soon! viwole will support Android and IOS based mobile devices too!


We'd to help!

If you want to learn more about viwole feel free to give us a shout.

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